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Dr. Lin Wang's Optometrist Office offers the following services:

1. Comprehensive eye exam for all ages
2. Eye disease diagnosis and treatment
3. Glasses and contact lenses
4. Laser vision correction surgery consultation
5. Ortho K lens fitting and follow up
6. Visual field testing
7. Computerized corneal topography
8. Corneal thickness testing
9. Retinal fundus photography
10. Optical Coherence Tomography - OCT

                     The comprehensive eye exam includes:                        

  1. Patient registration
    - Patient
    's own medical and ocular history
    - Family's medical, ocular history
    - Medications used, etc.

  2. Prescription check

  3. Using a slit lamp to examine the front part of the eye

  4. Eye pressure check using a tonometer

  5. Dilated retinal exam

  6. Retinal fundus photography

  7. Optical Coherence Tomography - OCT

  8. Visual field exam

  9. Pachymetry

  10. Computerized corneal topography

For more information on these services, feel free to contact us.

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