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Contact Lenses

         Patient Instructions on Soft Contact Lens Wear​           


Cut any long fingernails to prevent contact lens rippage.


Gently scoop the lens from the case and place it in the palm of your hand - start with the right lens first.


Rinse the lens with all-in-one solution, place the contact lens on the tip of your right index finger (like bowl-shaped), check for nicks, debris and if the lens is inside out.

a) Stand in front of a wall mirror or seated at a table with a flat mirror.
b) Place the left hand over your head and look down to lift the upper right eyelid firmly with your middle and forefingers. Use your right middle finger to pull the lower eyelid down; while steadily looking into the mirror, bring the finger with the lens on it close to the eye and at the appropriate level for insertion, then look up slightly as you place the lens on the white part of the eye. Release your lids and the lens will center itself after a few blinks.
c) Proceed with the left lens.

a) You should look down and using the left index and middle fingers draw up the right upper lid, then with the right index finger, touch the lower edge of the lens and looking up then pull the lens to the lower white part of the eye and using the right thumb and index finger pinch the lens from the eye.

a) Rub the lens with all-in-one solution system.
b) Rinse the lens with all-in-one system.
c) Store the lens in a storage container filled with fresh all-in-one system.


Do's and Dont's

        1. Do cut fingernails

        2. Clean case frequently and replace case every 3 months

        3. Do Not top up solution

        4. Clean lenses every day

        5. Do Not use homemade saline on lenses or in your eyes

        6. Put make up on after inserting your lenses

        7. Do Not shower in your lenses

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