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 New Non-surgical Method of Controlling Shortsightedness: Ortho-k Lens


Shortsightedness has already obsessed thousands and millions of people for a long time. It affects people's study and work, and brings much inconvenience. Taking off their glasses and having clear sight are dreams of lots of shortsighted people. If you are shortsighted, there is a way of controlling or reducing your shortsightedness.

                                                    What is "Ortho-k"?                                                   

The complete name of "Ortho-k" is "Orthokeratology", or "OK" lens for short. It is a non-surgical method of giving you the freedom from glasses or contacts by wearing a precisely designed highly breathable rigid gas-permeable lens overnight. By gently reshaping the surface of the cornea while you sleep, you can achieve 20/20 or close to 20/20 vision during the day without the use of glasses or contacts. Basically, you would put this lens on before going to bed and remove them shortly after waking up. If your glasses prescription is less than -5.00 with mild astigmatism, you may be a good candidate.


  1. It is an effective way of controlling myopia particularly in adolescents.

  2. It is a totally non-invasive procedure - no surgery is performed.

  3. You will get the freedom to enjoy your favorite sports and other activities all day long without the limitations of glasses and contacts.

  4. You may gain employment opportunities in some fields that have restrictions on the wearing of glasses or contacts.


                                                     Age Requirement                                                     

Ortho-k has no limitation for age. However, considering the physiological and psychological compliance, people over the age of 10 years are most suitable.

If you need more information, please contact Dr. Lin Wang, Optometrist.
Tel: 416-972-0080

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