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Eye Conditions

                                                     Retina Detachment                                               


  1. What is retina?
    Retina is a light sensitive thin membrane of nerve tissue that lines the back of the eye, much like the film of a camera.


  2. What is retinal detachment?
    Retinal detachment is a medical emergency, which requires immediate medical attention and prompt surgical intervention to preserve vision. In the retinal detachment, the retina is pulled away from the underlying structure of the eye. It leaves retinal cells deprived of oxygen. The longer the retina is separated, the greater risk of permanent vision loss.


  3. What are the warning signs of retinal detachment?

    It is usually painless.

    • Sudden appearance of many floaters

    • Sudden appearance of flashes of light in one or both eyes

    • A shadow or curtain over a portion of your visual field

    • A sudden blur in your vision

    • The presence of floaters and flashes do not always mean that you have a retinal detachment. It is important to have a comprehensive eye exam soon after you experiencing flashes or floaters, or if you become aware of an increase in the number or intensity of flashes or floaters. 

4.     What are the causes of retinal detachment?
Vitreous gel is strongly attached to the retina, as it shrinks, it pulls hard on the retina, causing retina to tear, the tear allows fluid to collect under retina and may cause retina to detach. In addition, eye or head injuries, nearsightedness (esp. strong prescriptions), eye disease process, diabetes and etc. could be the possible causes as well.

5.     How is retinal detachment treated?
Retinal detachment requires urgent attention. Without treatment, it can go from a minor problem to even blindness within a few hours or days. The types of surgeries to fix retinal tear when the problem is small are photocoagulation (creating small burns on retina), or cryopexy (freezing small areas of retina). But when retina is detached, surgeries to be considered are pneumatic retinopexy, scleral buckling or vitrectomy.

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